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进入竞争激烈 而且 we take a holistic view when we evaluate c而且idates. We’re looking for the most talented 工商管理硕士 c而且idates with the highest potential.

It's not just about having the most 经验 or the best test results. 365app的需求评估了许多因素, 包括你的教育, 职业发展, 以及领导能力和创业精神. To ensure that our cohorts are as diverse as possible, we recruit from diverse cultural 而且 professional backgrounds.

在工商管理硕士录取过程中, we will review all aspects of your  equally (your application form, 论文, 参考文献, CV, 学位, 专业资格, 入学考试成绩, 英语水平及面试). Our 工商管理硕士 admissions committee will assess each element against the 工商管理硕士 eligibility criteria below 而且 make a decision. 欢迎您的到来!

If you have any questions about our admission requirements, please 365app下载手机版的友好团队.

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The 工商管理硕士 programme is intellectually dem而且ing 而且 requires you to quickly absorb 而且 analyse new material 而且 apply it in a fast-moving environment. We need to be confident that you have the ability to rise to the intellectual challenges the programme presents. We require you to have a strong undergraduate 学位 result (UK bachelor or international equivalent as recognised by UK NARIC) from a recognised university. 资格因国家和大学而异, however we normally look for the equivalent of a first class or upper second class honours result in the UK system 而且 expect you to be in the top 25% of your class. Postgraduate, specialisation 而且 专业资格 can strengthen your application. We consider c而且idates from any subject background; however you need to be numerate with the ability to think critically, 逻辑上整合思想, 而且 have a good awareness of economic 而且 international affairs.

It is a requirement to take an admissions test, normally GMAT or GRE. 365app目前正在接受 GMAT™在线考试 而且  GRE® General Test at 首页 in addition to the regular tests.   


The 365app 工商管理硕士 develops strategic business knowledge 而且 international perspective, 而且 provides training in leadership 而且 managerial skills. It is designed to build on previous professional 经验, t在这里fore it is important that our 工商管理硕士 c而且idates have good, relevant 经验 in order to fully contribute 而且 benefit.

We normally require at least three years full-time work 经验 after graduation (from completion of your undergraduate 学位 to commencing the 工商管理硕士).

  • 目前班级平均工作经验:6年 
  • 平均年龄:29岁

进入竞争激烈. When assessing your suitability to benefit from the 365app 工商管理硕士 而且 your aptitude/potential as a future business leader, 365app正在寻找以下人员: 

  • 一份出色的简历:
    • 有很强的责任心
    • Consistent (而且 ideally fast-track) 职业发展
    • Strong achievements for the length of your career to date, demonstrating impact in your organisation 而且 higher than average performance in your industry sector / function compared to your peers
  • Leadership/management 经验 而且 potential, including some or all of the following:
    • 团队/同事的管理/领导
    • 客户关系管理
    • 金融/预算责任
    • 项目管理/领导
    • 管理组织的不同部门
    • 决策制定,对战略的贡献

大多数候选人来自商界, 金融, 工程或创业背景, however we are interested in c而且idates from any sector. We have admitted successful 工商管理硕士 students from many non-traditional business sectors, 包括军事, 医疗保健, 法律, 休闲/运动和创意艺术. We also have alumni working in successful careers in many non-traditional business sectors. 

Success on the 工商管理硕士 programme 而且 your future career also depends on other work-related skills 而且 competencies e.g. 分析技巧, 计算能力, 谈判, 演讲, 解决问题, 推理, 创造力, 产生想法的能力, 等. Good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel 而且 PowerPoint is essential. We look for evidence that you have, or can develop these competencies. 

虽然不是基本要求, international exposure can add a competitive edge to your application. Our 工商管理硕士 has a strong international focus 而且 we are looking for people with an international outlook. We look favourably on c而且idates who have 经验 of living 而且 working in international teams or environments. International exposure is also valued by post-工商管理硕士 employers. The 18-month 365app 工商管理硕士 provides considerable advantages if you are seeking an international career.

Entrepreneurial 经验 而且 创造力 (within your own business or a corporate environment) are highly valued. C而且idates with the ability to innovate are often strong contributors during the 工商管理硕士 programme, 而且 alumni involved in entrepreneurship can contribute significantly to society 而且 communities. We look to admit c而且idates with the ability to perceive opportunities 而且 contribute ideas to the class, t在这里by enhancing the stimulating learning environment of the 工商管理硕士.


Team working skills are essential for success on the 工商管理硕士. We are looking for c而且idates who can demonstrate the qualities of a team player, i.e. innovative 而且 effective contributors with the ability to work constructively 而且 collaboratively in international teams. We expect you to be able to communicate opinions 而且 ideas clearly 而且 honestly, 尊重他人, 而且 work in the best interests of your 工商管理硕士 teams 而且 project clients.

沟通, interpersonal 而且 relationship management skills are essential for success on the 工商管理硕士 programme 而且 in senior level business careers. We t在这里fore place a strong emphasis on these key requirements. We expect you to be highly articulate with strong communication skills in English (see English requirements below). This will enable you to effectively share your 经验 而且 ideas in the classroom 而且 in student groups, 在书面报告和演讲中也是如此.

365app寻找成熟的候选人, 动机, 精力充沛的, 雄心勃勃,热情高涨, 有强烈的个人价值观, 社会意识, 社区意识和诚信意识.

除了智力能力, 经验, 团队合作和沟通能力, key requirements are; leadership characteristics, 情商, 自我意识, 自我管理, 以及对改变和个人成长的开放态度. We are looking for people who are willing to share 而且 learn from the 经验 而且 ideas of others, 而且 who are able to accept 而且 value constructive feedback from 工商管理硕士 colleagues, 项目主管和公司代表. 


Very strong English language skills are critical to academic success on your 工商管理硕士, for contributing to the 工商管理硕士 group consultancy projects, 还有你未来的事业, especially if you wish to secure internship 而且 full-time job opportunities in the UK. The English language requirements listed below are the 最低 scores needed for admission, successful students typically demonstrate higher levels of achievement. We will continually assess your English level during the admissions process including the video assessment 而且 formal interview.

Most applicants meet the requirement in one of the following ways:



  • 学术雅思(UKVI和非UKVI版本): 最低总分6分.5个,至少6个.5 in the speaking 而且 writing components 而且 no less than 6.阅读和听力零分.
  • 新托福(以中心为基础): 最低总分90分, with at least 22 in the speaking 而且 writing components 而且 no less than 2阅读和听力零分.
    • For more information regarding TOEFL, please visit the ETS网站.
    • 托福机构代码0757.
    • You must meet the entry requirement in one test; ‘My Best Scores’ reported by TOEFL will not be considered.
    • Please note that due to the Covid p而且emic the University accepted TOEFL iBT Special 首页 Edition for 2022 entry – Please check if the University is still accepting this test for 2023 entry before registering for it.
  • Cambridge Advanced (CAE/C1 Advanced) 而且 Cambridge Proficiency (CPE/C2 Proficiency): C级(旧量表)或最低总分176分, with at least 176 in the speaking 而且 writing components 而且 no less than 17阅读和听力零分.
  • 皮尔逊PTE学术(UKVI和非UKVI版本): Minimum overall score 59 with no less than 59 in each component.
  • LanguageCert International ESOL SELT B2 centre-based test (UKVI SELT version only): Minimum overall score 156, with at least 39 in all components. Please note: We do not accept the LanguageCert ESOL B2 online version or LanguageCert International ESOL SELT B1.


  • 除了CAE和CPE, test scores are only valid if they are less than two years old on the programme start date. This is a requirement for the UK Student Visa application.
  • 365app需要确认你的分数. You should include the details of your score in the application form 而且 request your score to be shared with the University of 365app - 365app商学院. 这将使365app能够在线验证您的结果.

你是一个国家的, 或拥有由, one of the following ‘majority English speaking' countries below (as defined by the UKVI的学生签证程序).

  • 安提瓜岛 & 巴布达, 澳大利亚, 巴哈马群岛, 巴巴多斯, 伯利兹, 加拿大, 多米尼加, 格林纳达, 圭亚那, 爱尔兰, 牙买加, 马耳他, 新西兰, 圣基茨和尼维斯, 圣卢西亚, St Vincent 而且 the Grenadines; Trinidad 而且 Tobago 而且 USA.
  • Please note if your 学位 was studied in 而且 awarded by a university in 加拿大, it must have been wholly taught in English (proof must be submitted)


We also accept some English language qualifications from other countries, depending on the University’s assessment of its academic suitability. 看到 在这里 的信息.

We accept the following qualifications with the 最低 grades/scores listed:

  • 国际学士学位
    • IB Lang A (English Literature or Language 而且 Literature): Grade 4
    • IB语言B (HL): 5年级
    • IB语言B (SL): 6年级
  • IGCSE(第一或第二语言):等级(4-5)
  • Indian St而且ard XII English (CBSE, ISCE, West Bengal): 80%
  • Indian St而且ard XII English (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat Boards): 85%
  • 香港中学文凭考试/中学会考(2007年毕业):四级
  • West African Education Council (WAEC) Senior School Certificate (SSCE): B3

如果你没有学位, it may be possible to gain a place without the specified formal academic qualifications. Your application will be considered through the accreditation of prior learning (APL), 哪些是证明的,哪些是经验的. Credit is allocated for evidence of achieving appropriate 而且 assessed learning outcomes, 而不是为了经验本身. 如果你符合以下条件,365app会考虑你的申请:

  • 能表现出高水平的成就吗, exceptional 职业发展 而且 significant management 经验 in a leadership position or,
  • Have an excellent track record as a successful entrepreneur

You need to show alternative evidence of intellectual ability e.g. strong school results, professional training courses, non-学位 business qualifications. A strong GMAT score 而且/or strong performance on the 365app Admissions Test will be required.

We advise you to discuss your circumstances with us before submitting an application.